A Punk Pop Affair

The 70’s

So what is New Wave? How or why was it formed? What essential instruments defined New Wave? And which of today’s sub-genres were influenced?

This movement was most popular during 1980 to 1983 and proven by the Billboard Hot 200 in the States and the Top of the Pops in the U.K., and need we mention a slew of other countries on the planet who followed and enjoyed these sounds from favored artist’s respectfully. The Parent Genre is Rock with some key ingredients of Punk and sprinkles of Pop’s pitched sounds.

The Takeover

By the late 70’s, Punk was losing its popularity from an audience growing disinterested in Punks well known principles or ideals. The younger listeners attention were aimed towards the glam and humor side of the fence. In addition, an instrumental sound (The Synthesizer) becoming more popular by the end of the decade and a severe influence to help define a greater role of the 80’s decade, was part of the arsenal to many New Wave Artists’. Punk Rock Groups and their loyal following observed many new bands being signed by the major record labels both in the UK and USA., calling them a New Wave of Bands. The era will always be known as the New Wave Movement.

Ok so who planted the seed?

The late 60s saw artists’ such as David Bowie, T-Rex, and The New York Dolls , all of whom would pioneer a Rock scene in a different appearance, in glamorous make-up and clothing fashions.This would inspire many future artists’ throughout the 70s and bridging the 80s as we know it today. This created a backlash from Punk especially during Punk Rocks peak in 76, spitting verbiage of over pampered and overproduced music. For New Wavers, Punk was dangerous in speech, however the music style was well liked and deeply infectious.

Millenium revival

When you tune into today’s Medium, you discover trail bits and brushes of New Wave sounds from Sub-Genre waves popular with young listeners in Electronic/Dance, Indie, Hip-Hop, and Goth. One thing that can be said as HISTORY shows, from the past 2 decades, the ideals and success of Genre Mixing as shown from Billboard’s Hot 200 and in some cases, the Grammy’s, are a game changer to Musics bright future. Forever evolving as taught by its predecessors of the 60’s. Today’s artists’ are currently producing, launching, and creating amazing Sound Music! WE NEED MUSIC NOW MORE THAN EVER! Let’s take a reverse flight to some inspirations and profound contributions below. Maybe there is one song you never heard before…that’s the gift of discovery.

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