Stand by

Stand by your virtues, regardless of where those around you may stand. Your soul will guide you through the truth and you needn’t be afraid of an unpopular opinion when it comes from a place of love and kindness. If dark shadows seem to stretch across the land, that’s only because an immense light is just behind the horizon.

Musics Gifts: Love for all, all for Love

As many of you may know by now, my passion for music is beyond words. My love for every Genre may not be understood by all…however I do know the amazing history…and undoubtedly believe in educating self for the greater good purposes. What does Music mean to you? What I know for sure is Black communities are the creators of many major American musical movements, including jazz, blues, rock’n’roll, soul, and I should add the origins of many centuries old African musical instruments… one of many examples, is the early stringed banjo. The banjo was essential in early folk and country music. Loving all music means acknowledging the black communities, gifting the world with heart and soul. May we all find Peace and Clarity in the true meaning of Black Lives Matter.

Pop define

This Genre is often referred to as Popular Music. There are several factors involved which render the definition of Pop. You may say pop bonds in diverse communities in dance, rock, urban, country, Latin, folk, jazz, and so on. Pop Genre is a distinct forum of its own, created to appeal to all walks of life or a general audience vs other genres that were known to aim at a particular culture belief or manner. The term “pop” was first used in 1926, naming any popular song of the times of any Genre format, as simply popularity in culture. Its character and expressiveness can be perceived to target teenagers since its actual new birth of the 1940’s. Because of the new technology during the 40’s ( microphone & tech sounds ), the pop star was born and was now known as an intimate vocal presence to the listener. This was a historical revolutionary movement, not to mention the birth of television which helped increase the artists appearance visually to millions, resulting in many new recording artists Popularity.

No Music without Rhythm

Rhythm is an essential component of Music, and a reproduction of the rhythm that our own bodies produce. Like many other Genres, Pop Music has evolved and must continue to evolve. In terms of social bonding, Music can be adaptive for the sole purpose to lift our spirits and increase our well being in a more conducive reproduction. I put together a playlist of today’s pop music and branded as ” Rythmsphere”. Adding new released pop songs weekly. You are welcomed to check in for the latest Pop sounds of 2020.